About us.

BidAid is the ultimate international all-inclusive, silent-auction platform: providing tech solutions and – uniquely in the market – our own bespoke memorabilia, for virtual, hybrid and live events.

We combine unrivalled levels of customer support with unbeatable virtual “tours” of how items could look in the winner’s home along with the guarantee that if the auction doesn’t raise anything – you don’t pay!

That’s right – we do NOT charge set up fees or tech rental. This ensures you know we are working for you throughout your campaign and won’t just set the auction up (or ask you to do it!!) then sit back and take the money.

Our tech isn’t “off the shelf” – it’s custom-built from scratch, informed by many years’ experience running charity events and silent auctions and we’re constantly improving and refining it. Beautiful to look at, simple to use, it’s customised for each client and fully integrated with social, email and text comms enabling you to reach a global audience and raise money all year round.

Ask us for a Zoom demo today – we’d love to share our passion for fundraising with you and understand your ambitions so we can support you in meeting your goals.

The Founder

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Jamie Baulch


When I was young, people gave me the support I needed, without which my life could have been very different. Because of this I’m passionate about giving back – and providing charities with the best fundraising platforms, with unrivalled transparency, integrity and level of service is a way of doing just that!

My “first” career spanned 15 years travelling globally, representing my country in World class athletics, winning World and European titles, as well as a treasured Olympic Silver Medal, along the way. In fact, someone recently told me that I still hold a British record, 24 years on!

Since then, I’ve combined sports presenting and television appearances - from Question of Sport to Dancing on Ice - with building a philanthropic business portfolio which includes BidAid and our sister sweepstakes company, uWin. 

Let us take you to the Gold Medal standard!


Events Gallery


Big thanks to Jamie and the team at BidAid for their support! Caudwell Children chose BidAid as the supplier to create a pre-event auction showcase for one of our flagship fundraising events, The ButterflyBall Monaco. The fantastic website allowed guests to browse the lots pre-event, as well as allowing external pre-bids for our live and silent auctions and direct donations to our cause ahead of the live event. The technology worked brilliantly and the team were a pleasure to work with. The BidAid site positively contributed to the fantastic €1.3million raised at the event. Thank you!

Kerrie Davies - Associate Director of Events Caudwell Children